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We are musicians in West Virginia  - the heart of America’s Appalachian Mountains. Like many people here, several of us trace our ancestry to immigrants who came here from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Wales, and England in search of a new life. They brought with them their music and independent spirits, and settled in our forested hills and isolated green valleys. These roots can be heard in “traditional” mountain music and probably influence the special way that Celtic music tends to resonate with people in our region.

For us it has meant a special attraction to traditional songs and tunes from Celtic lands. This, along with the many contemporary musical influences of our life in America — rock and roll, folk, bluegrass, big band, classical, country music, the Beatles and “British Invasion” of the ‘60’s — and a strong connection to our home in these mountains, lends a distinctive Appalachian Celtic flavor to our music.  

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We are often asked for the words to the songs that we perform, and it seems that our website is a good way to provide some of the lyrics. The Lyric link will take you to words for traditional songs on two of our recordings — A Smile at the Door and for West Virginia Chose Me.

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